Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How studying sport can teach us about life: Lets Talk Possibility Episode 14

    • When we hear of a sports hero who has broken a record, or our favourite team wins a world cup event, we get so excited. There is something about a person being able to perform at such a high level, that amazes us!

    • With Telana is Tim Goodenough, a Meta Coach who specializes in working with Elite Athletes and sports teams, and who wrote the book 'In the Zone with South Africas Sports Heros' with co-author Michael Cooper. And Jody Martins, who’s also a Meta- Coach and calls himself a Dream Coach, and who also has been coaching cricket for over a decade.

    • Tim interviewed 17 of South Africa’s top athletes and analysed their mental skills, looking for what supported them to achieve such high levels of performance.

      • Who were some of those athletes? (Graeme Smith, Jonty Rhodes, Penny Heyns, Nass Botha)

      • What makes one athlete great and another merely good?

      • How can athletes perform at the top of their game and do so consistently?

      • Is it really all in the mind?

      • And how can these principles be applied in business and life in general?

    • Book: "In the Zone with South Africa’s Sports Hero’s" by Tim Goodenough and Mike Cooper



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