Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lets Talk Possibility Episode 9: Demystifying the taboo of Orania

  • Our viewpoint:
    • We get conditioned by media, our family, our culture. In this show we try to re-condition us, open our filters.

    • With the aim of seeing people for who they are with their differences and sameness

    • Let’s demystify the taboo of race
  • Sonja Kruse is known as the Ubuntu Girl - Why?
    • What is Ubuntu?

  • How Sonja met Portia
    • Sonja’s experience of Orania

  • Portia’s story of meeting Steve Hofmeyr and why she went to meet him

  • Sonja’s story of hugging the man who insulted her in the que
We hope we shared a wider perspective, a different reference point for when we think of race.



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