Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lets Talk Possibility Episode 10: How dancing will help your relationships

  • Our viewpoint:
There is a time to lead, there is a time to follow and understanding when to fulfill each role has power. Also understanding that both roles are equally important to achieve something great, is vital. Argentine Tango is an art that demonstrates this concept very clearly and shows that when we understand and implement the principles of leadership we can create something great that is much more beautiful than what we can ever do on our own.
  • What is the history of tango and how did it evolve to what it is today?

  • Tango dress sense is quite important, why do the dancers also look smart and have great shoes?

  • What is your definition of leadership? The whole dance is about leading and following and you talk about it alot, so what exactly do you mean by leadership?

    • Lead is not to dominate, follow is not to submit

    • What are the components of a leader and a follower that make it possible for them to create a “great dance”?

      • self awareness - intentions

      • roles, responsibilities

      • switching roles for understanding

      • communication
  • BOOK – David Deida : Intimate Communion
  • VIDEO- Surrender Tango Documentary. See http://youtu.be/uhBtZbtDn6E
    • how successful partnering in tango relates to life- from a documentary

    • Following is passive in a sense, in that it is like listening. But there is active listening, and passive listening

    • Connection is not only to connect to your partner, firstly you need to connect to yourself - be centered

    • You have to be ready to be led



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