Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lets Talk Possibility Episode 5: Why Sustainable Design

  • Our viewpoint:
Lets be proactive rather than reactive regarding sustainable design, so as to look after our earth and ourselves - so we have a better future.
  • What do we mean by Sustainable Design?
  • VIDEO Short animated movie explaining sustainability See:
  • Examples of sustainable design:
alternative energy renewable resources intuitive/natural technologies rejuventation/ renovation - in architecture and transport Strawbale/Rammed Earth Buildings Prefabricated Structures Minimise materials South African Examples: Villa Mall - 4star rating green building council Nedbank Sandton - 4star rating green building council Norwegian Embassy SolarPower Plant plans in South Africa - we checked up and it’s still in planning phase: founder Alex Steffen argues that reducing humanity’s ecological footprint is incredibly vital now, as the western consumer lifestyle spreads to developing countries. Alex Steffen is cofounder and executive editor of, an online clearinghouse of information and inspiration on the environment.
  • Green Business Opportunities
Steve’s business uses sustainable ink and printers- Why? What can we do to leave a smaller Carbon footprint? And relation to Embodied Energy? educate our children - Josh identifying parsley in garden Food Gardens Recycling Ideas Plant a tree after flying overseas?
    • A website with lots of info and idea and videos about sustainability. is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to solutions-based journalism about the planetary future. Since 2003, Worldchanging has brought together a global network of independent journalists, designers and thinkers to cover the world’s most innovative solutions to the planet’s problems, and inspire readers around the world with stories of new tools, models and ideas for building a bright green future. Design Can Change is an effort to bring together the world's graphic design community to address the issues surrounding climate change.
  • We as individuals can make a difference, and at far less cost and inconvenience than we think - it is attainable to be sustainable
These changes can improve our lives, and save us money in the long term The possibilities for green business are plenty - are you looking for them? So lets look for and start implementing household projects.



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