Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lets Talk Possibility Episode 4: The Future and Wine

  • You do the future - the future doesn't do you. The choices you make now sets up your future, thus you choose your future.
So a tool to use is Scenario planning
  • WINE TASTING of Strandveld Adamastor 2009 and Syrah 2008
  • Nick shares how Strandveld vineyards used scenario planning to produce award winning wines from an area that is not supposed to give those results nor in the short time that they have done so.
  • Doug shares about what scenario planning is, how not planning for "black swans" cause outcomes like the current situation in Japan's nuclear disaster, and the MindBullets newsletter where they write stories from the future. Examples discussed were:
  • VIDEO- Honda's robot that can run
  • VIDEO- Derren Brown plays 9 chess masters and beats 4, draws 2, loses 3, thereby beating the group
  • Our understanding:
    • We can develop strategies for what the future can hold and it can boost creativity in the here and now
    • By developing strategies and scenarios and making choices around them, we have more control over what our futures hold
    • In turn we have more choices over our lives and more certainty



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