Tuesday, 29 March 2011

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Lets Talk Possibility!

Let’s talk about what is possible. Let’s talk about the stories that inspire us, the people who give us hope, the challenges and hardships that can be overcome. And let’s talk about these things from an understanding that we can change, that anything is possible, and we sometimes just need to understand how.  We sometimes just need to hear someone else’s story for it to unlock in us the inspiring qualities that we see in them. For it to open a new way of looking at things, a way that gives us the energy and inspiration to go back into our own lives and try something different, and enjoy the new results.

Join Telana and our other co-hosts, as they unpack the mindsets of ordinary individuals who are doing extra-ordinary things.  As they find experts to share their knowledge, and dare them to keep it practical and relevant to today’s challenges. As they endeavour to teach, share, laugh, learn and inspire with us.


Telana Simpson, also known as the ‘matchstick girl, is a Personal Coach and caring and focused facilitator who has a passion for expression.  She helps executives, individuals and entrepreneurs find authentic ways of communicating their inner potentials and transforming themselves and their lives.

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We were part of the  Lets Talk Network till 2013. Check out the other great shows too!